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Let Your Natural Beauty Shine Through

using well-effective professional line of products with excellence innovative formulas

Keeping You Looking Fresh and Rejuvenate

Nothing is more important to me than making my customers feel like their best selves. All products and services at JBeauty ensure that you have everything you need to feel as beautiful as you deserve. 

The Products

The Facials

Signature Facial (90 Minutes)

Acne-Prone Facial (90 Minutes)

Chemical Peels (30 Minutes)

Chemical Peels with Facial (90 Minutes)

Pearly Bright Facial  (90 Minutes)

Microdermabrasion (90 Minutes)

Microcurrent With LED Treatment

Express Facial (30 Minutes)

Back Facial (60 Minutes)










The Eyelash Services 

Lash Lift


Eyelash Extensions

  • Classic Set
  • $95.00
    • 2-Week Fill $40.00
    • 3-Week Fill $50.00
    • 4-Week Fill $75.00

  • Hybrid Set
  • $120.00
    • 2-Week Fill $45.00
    • 3-Week Fill $55.00
    • 4-Week Fill $80.00
  • Volume Set
  • $140.00
    • 2-Week Fill $50.00
    • 3-Week Fill $60.00
    • 4-Week Fill $85.00

The Waxing Services 

Full Legs

Half Legs


Upper Lip and Chin

Full Arms






Half Arms

Full Face


Half Back

Full Back




$20.00 and Up

$30.00 and Up

The Clinical Treatments

Oxygenating Skin Care (75 Minutes)

Product Description: A unique treatment for acne skin to reduce pimples, open pores and breakouts. Designed to clear the complexion and breathe life back to skin. Perfect for Ance Prone, dull, fatigued and stressed skin

Oxygenating Skin Care (75 Minutes)

Hydro-Lifting Facial (75 Minutes)

Product Description: This treatment lifts, firms, and deeply improves hydration, providing a visible tightening effect on the face and neck.

Hydro-Lifting Facial (75 Minutes)

Sea-C Spa (90 Minutes)

Product Description: This powerful antioxidant treatment uses a 15% vitamin C concentrate that will give you a radiant complexion and improve the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Sea-C Spa (90 Minutes)

Collagen 90-II Facial (90 Minutes)

Product Description: This facial is an intensive rejuvenating treatment for mature, hormonal, and devitalized skin.

Collagen 90-II Facial (90 Minutes)

Botinol (90 Minutes)

Product Description: An innovative and non-invasive treatment, Botinol has brightening and anti-aging benefits. It resembles Botox treatment without the needles. Enjoy instant and long-lasting visible results.

Botinol (90 Minutes)

Collagen Sublime Eye Treatment (30 Minutes)

Product Description: The eye area is delicate and requires special care. This treatment reduces fine lines, puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles.

Collagen Sublime Eye Treatment (30 Minutes)

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